Staff & Faculty

At Atlanta Country Day School our faculty and staff consists of experienced educators who possess either bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees in their subject areas.

All of our educators are selected for their:

  • knowledge of course subject matter
  • desire to teach and motivate students
  • willingness to adapt to different learning styles

Our goal at ACDS is to always serve as positive academic and personal role models for all students who attend.


Marcus Merme

"I believe in a structured, safe school environment where students can blossom. Each student has his/her own unique talents to bring to the world, so I appreciate working at ACDS where we have the luxury of providing individualized instruction in a small classroom setting."

Catherine Barson

"A big part of growing up is bringing all of yourself into a space, not just the parts of yourself that relate to the people in the room.” - Lin-Manuel Miranda



Lance Elliot

My name is Lance Elliott, and I am the math teacher for ACDS! I was adopted from Bangladesh and have spent the majority of my life here Roswell, Georgia. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and currently working towards my Masters. While I love programming, I quickly realized that my true passion was teaching.

As an educator, I live by the principles my father taught me: We are in school to learn how to learn so that we can face any challenge. When I was in high school, mathematics seemed daunting, and I often struggled with it. It wasn't until college that I realized through my struggle that I grew a passion for math.

Now I want to show students who also might struggle with mathematics how fun it can be and challenge students to excel through workshops and competitions.

Grant Mooney
Science, History

I am Mr. Grant. I am recently engaged, and will be soon be married. I attended Kennesaw State and North Georgia.

My experience as an educator first started when I helped to run a sports program at First Redeemer church. This led to an opportunity to live and work in Israel for two years where I helped to run a sports program and taught English as a Second Language. After that I worked in fundraising and logistics with a company called Boosterthon for over four years where I later taught the STEM program with Young Engineers.

Currently, I teach science and history at Atlanta Country Day School.

As an educator I believe there is more to the learning experience than solely lecture, tests, and quizzes. I try to implement activities for the students in order to reinforce a class. I always try to incite a discussion. And I am always working, so that students can learn through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means.

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts. The right defense against false sentiments is to inculcate just sentiments.” C.S. Lewis

Shannon Markham
Spanish, Language Arts

Education: LaGrange College, B.A. Spanish Language and Literature

How do you like to conduct your classes?

Spanish: My classes are designed to keep students actively using the language through reading, writing, and speaking. The goal is to get students working with Spanish as much as possible in order to continuously reinforce and maintain constant progression.

English: By incorporating texts from all time periods, and cultures, I encourage students to put themselves into the situations characters experience. I also ask that students take the time to apply what they are learning in the texts to current, everyday situations.

Teaching Philosophy:
Spanish: To grow in their knowledge, ability, and competence of the target language. To make sure students gain an understanding of Spanish that can take them abroad and help them navigate a new environment. Also, to include knowledge of the people, and the culture that accompanies the Spanish language through music, movies, and current literature.

English: To provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in the next level of their education. Build essential foundations for writing, reading, critical and analytical thinking. Incorporating different writing styles, as well as allow for, and encourage creativity in the process.

Fun Facts about Ms. Shannon:

  • I have traveled to El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Spain, and studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the University of Buenos Aires.
  • My educational background is also in Linguistics, Psychology, and Spanish.