ACDS is now a BrainPOP School!

At ACDS we value an engaged learning environment and understand that not all students learn the same way. We want every student to succeed, that’s why we are excited to announce that Atlanta Country Day School will be using BrainPOP starting in January 2019 as a key supplement to all core academic subjects.

Lets tell you more about this awesome online, teaching tool and what it means for our school.

What is BrainPOP?

BrainPOP is an online education website providing videos, games, quizzes, and creative assignments designed to engage students and provide integrated curriculum content ideal for all learners.

This free interactive resource is the next step in connecting the younger generation’s love of technology with established state academic standards. All lessons and digital activities, including games and a movie making programs, are designed to assist the teacher and encourage student learning on a deeper, interactive level.

Learn more about BrainPop here:

What does this mean for ACDS?

ACDS prides itself in maintaining a 6:1 student teacher ratio in all core academic subjects because we understand the value in one-on-one individualized learning time. BrainPOP will now provide ACDS an additional tool for both teachers and students to further those efforts. It will serve as our key classroom resource so that ACDS can continue to build a learning environment that works for all students while bringing excitement back to lessons. Through the use of animations, interactive games, movie making software, digital activities, and more we aim to strengthen creativity, collaboration, connection, and critical thinking in our learning environment.


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